Situated in the oldest desert in the world, Sossusvlei can truly be called the gem of the Namib. Sporting some of the highest dunes in the world, incredible scenery and amazing wildlife, this is a destination not to be missed. By prior arrangement we can take you on a day trip to visit Sossusvlei. During your visit you can enjoy climbing the huge dunes and walking to Dead Vlei for breathtaking scenery. Brunch is served in the dunes to replenish you after your desert adventure. After Sossusvlei we can take you to Sesriem Canyon, which was one of the rare open sources of water in decades past. Be sure to take your camera as both these areas are spectacularly photogenic. The park gate is 60km from We Kebi and then a further 60km inside the park to get to the vlei. Please contact us for more information and rates.


Many years ago, we made a wonderful discovery on the neighboring farm Hammerstein. On a rock face not far from the homestead we found San Bushman rock art. These paintings may be thousands of years old and is a true archaeological gem. Beside their age and the fact that the ancient people were capable of making pigments which still last today, there is another mystery from them, in that they clearly depict rhinos, which must have occurred in our valley naturally. We have thus started the long process of re-establishing these magnificent beasts in the South of Namibia. When visiting us, you can go see these wonderful gentle giants, becoming rarer and rarer in nature every day. The rhino excursion is normally combined with the nature drive, which lasts about three hours, either early morning or late afternoon.


We Kebi is situated on a vast area of land with many different species of fauna and flora. The three hour nature drive is either early mornings or late afternoons when the chances of game sightings are best, as daytime temperatures can get very hot. Although our guides take all effort to see as many animals as possible, we cannot guarantee how many of the game species you will be privileged enough to see. Possible species include; southern white rhino, giraffe, springbok, oryx, mountain zebra, ostrich, lechwe, eland and gnu. We have also started with nocturnal night drives to see some of the more obscure denizens of the desert. Nature remains our most unpredictable joy! Please contact us for more information and rates.


Many years ago, we made a wonderful discovery. Among the ancient boulders that litter the nearby hills around Hammerstein Lodge, we found mysterious bushman paintings! These wonderful paintings are recordings of an era long gone, with depictions of animals and some interesting abstractions. About 45 minutes’ drive from We Kebi, this excursion includes a bit of 4×4 driving and is combined with a lovely sundowner overlooking the desert plains. Please contact us for more


If you want to take a more active approach to outdoor adventure, then we also have slackpacking and camping. Starting from Hammerstein lodge, it includes one night at the lodge, 3 to 7 km hike to a pre-pitched camp, an optional additional day with free walking, photography and relaxation, followed by another 3 to 7 km hike and another overnight at the lodge. Minimum four people. Amazing photo opportunities and a true outdoor adventure. Please contact us for more information and rates.


Over the last few years We Kebi have had the pleasure of hosting weddings and other similar events. The tranquil desert setting, ready accommodation and on-site catering allows for an unforgettable experience for you, your loved ones and guests. We Kebi can also manage corporate functions, company break-aways and similar events. To ensure accommodation of large groups, early booking is essential. Please contact us for more information and rates.

Come be our guest, for the visit of a lifetime.